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Debt Consolidation

Consumer Resources
Consumer Affairs – Knowledge is power! Consumer news, complaints, resources, and safety recalls
Charitable Giving – Research the legitimacy of organizations you’re considering donating money to
Workforce Centers – Find a Workforce Center in your area
Government Benefits – Research and apply for a wide variety of government benefits
Consumer Debit Resources– Access to credit reports as well as Chex Systems reports with background information on both
Find Legal Help – Find free low or low-cost legal aid in your state
Equal Credit Opportunity Act – Information on the Equal Opportunity Act (ECOA)
Identity Theft – The Federal Trade Commission site on Identity theft
IVR Cheat Sheet – Codes that will bypass the automated phone systems of many major companies and get you straight to a human being
Car Buying Tips – Kelly Blue Book – A free guide to buying or leasing new and used cars while avoiding scams
Supplemental Nutritional Assistance – Information on the food stamp program and how to qualify
Truth In Lending Act – The Truth In Lending Act (the Consumer Protection Act)
Truth In Lending Act – Less Sophisticated – Less complex version of the Truth In Lending Act – A list of various federal consumer agencies
The Consumer Action Center – A list of consumer topics that allows you to to access tips for purchasing specific goods and services, like cars, home improvements, insurance and more
Better Business Bureau – Search a company’s rating with the BBB
Do Not Call Registry – Register your phone number to stop telemarketing calls
Free Annual Credit Report – This is the site where you can download a copy of your credit report for free once a year
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – The Consumer Credit Protection Act to prohibit abusive practices by debt collectors
Fair Credit Billing Act – Information on what your rights are when dealing with billing errors
Get Checking – A nationwide program that can help you establish or re-establish a banking relationship if you’ve had trouble maintaining bank accounts in the past
Your Money – Saving Tips – A great place for tips on how to stretch your hard earned dollars. Their motto is “Living Better For Less”
The Dollar Stretcher – The Dollar Stretcher’s motto is “Living for Less”
Debtors Anonymous – Support groups and information for dealing with compulsive overspending and debt

Whats In Your Credit Report? – Know what Kind of information is in your report
Credit Scoring – What’s in your credit score
Know Your Score – Know your credit score
Improving Your Credit Score– Fair Isaac’s guide on how to improve your credit score
Fake Credit Report Sites: Cashing in on Your Personal Informational- The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Alert on fake credit reports
Opt Out / In – Lets you opt out from receiving those annoying “You are Pre – Approved “ offers in the mail

Financial Planning
Choose to Save – Calculate how much money you need to save to fund a comfortable retirement
Smart Money – Investor education for both beginners and more seasoned money managers
Tax – Planning Tips – An article on how to plan ahead for a stress -free and prosperous tax season
Roth IRA – Lots of good information pertaining to a Roth IRA
Mutual Fund Investment Center – The basics on investing in mutual funds
Investing for Your Future – A home study course in basic investing
401K Information – Information on 401k retirement plans
Investing in Bonds – Information on how to invest in bonds
Wills – An introduction to wills

Home Buying
Home Advice -Resources to many topics on home buying , renting, insurance, mortgages, inspections and government programs
Free Home Buying Guides – Home buying guides from the Fannie Mae Foundation
Cost of Living Comparison – Compare the cost between two cities
Estimating Moving Costs – A calculator to estimate moving costs
Rent vs Buying – Does buying make more sense than buying
Mortgage Qualifier – How much home are you qualified to purchase
Mortgage Amortization Schedule – A calculator showing amortization of a mortgage
Reverse Mortgage – Reverse mortgage information

Money Management Resources
66 Ways to Save Money – The Federal Trade Commission tips on how to save money
Women’s Institute for Financial Education – Articles and resources on money management specifically for women
Frugal Shopping – Tons of bargains , coupons, discount offers and money saving tips
U.S. Mint Page For Kids – Games, puzzles and fun facts about money for kids
Savings On Energy – 101 ways to curb your utility bills
Frugal Living – Creative ideas for saving money on anything and everything
Budgeting Basics – Get started on developing a budget
Parenting Pipeline / Centsible Parenting Newsletters – A source for monthly newsletters with age-appropriate ideas for teaching various life skills , such as money management to kids

Savings For College and Money Tips
College Savings 101 – Tutorial on different college saving plans
State College Saving Plans – Information on setting up college saving plans for your children
Student Money Tips – How to save for college and tips on spending that money wisely
Young Money Magazine – Young Money Magazine, written by college students across the country

Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy basics